domingo, 10 de febrero de 2008

Two sets of Trees photoshop brushes

A set of tree borders... Good, it inmidiatly creates a powerful aesthetics. It includes the images files if you are working with an older version. You can use it with things related with the oriental culture, the only thing you have to do is to change some colors and add some oriental icons...

(a quick example)

This other one is apack of 8 trees silhouettes

Remember to click on the image to go to the download page!

Cool photosop set of brushes

This is an useful set of brushes, principally the concentric lines, they are extremely used and not easy to find. Enjoy it!

Circles photoshop brush set

A good set of circles... always useful when designing retro or psychedelic things!

Click on the image to go to the download page

City Scapes, free photoshop brushes set

A cool set of brushes, it includes some known and famous city scapes like Las Vegas or Tokio and other useful ones, it also have a plane and a helicopter silouete. With a bit of imagination you can create a retro scape like the above one for a brochure or what you want!
Enjoy it!

Click on the image yo go to the download page

Free tatoo photoshop brush set.

This is an image created with this free photosop brush set.

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